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Yazmin Martinez Bio Founder of Talaria Dance Academy and Theatre, LLC. She started with three years old to take dance lessons which continues as a teen to present, always as a hobby. Assisted to auditions for dance jobs for different international entertaining companies and worked with four of them. Teach experience on dancing two years, teaching kids from two years old to seniors. Shows experience, international in dancing, musical, acting, and playing percussion since a kid to adult she participated in big theatre and small events. Other achievements, a Diploma in Professional International Model. She participate in audition for photo model, TV commercials, picture for marketing, pasarela, demonstrating products in international trade shows, business hose, party hose, fashion sales representante, hair model, and make up model. She worked international on these mention above after auditioned. College certify for TV studio technology, and worked three month in a TV Channel. And she took college classes in theatre and music. Also she has international experience working in live theater for more than ten years, and playing in international music bands. Experience writing lyrics and music, writing scripts for plays and musical. Experience as general director for musical two years. Experience acting in film. Archive an AS in Database and Programing and a general AA and about to graduate from a four year studio, BIM, Business and IT management. In addition college classes on psychologies, anatomy and physiology. Plus her language are English, Spanish, and German, some French, Italian, and Portuguese. She maintained a 3.4 to 4 GPT on her general grates, honored by the director of schools and college.


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