Dress Code



A black and pink colored leotard is recommended.. Attached skirts or tutus are fine as long as they do not make movement difficult.

Tights, Leggings, Shorts

Dancers should wear tights, not pantyhose. Dance tights are stretchy, easy to move in, keep legs warm and prevent blisters. Leggings and shorts are acceptable as well.


Certain classes require certain footwear. Students are responsible for bringing the appropriate footwear. Ballet shoes are required for ballet classes and tap shoes are required for tap classes. Isotoner clippers are NOT ACCEPTABLE.


Each dancer needs a way to carry dance shoes and other items. Please mark your bag so you or your child can easily find it.


Dancers should pull hair back away from the face. Be sure to tie your hair securey so it does not fall down while dancing. We suggest bringing a few extra ponytail holers or headbangs, just in case.

Men and Boys

Leggings and shorts and a t-shirt is recommended for male students. Black and white colors are preferred.

Thank you for cooperating

We implement these rules in order to create an environment that allows the instructors to better work with students, reduce distractions, reduce the risk of injury, and create a team feeling.